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Some landowners are interested in selling standing timber on their wooded acreage. Some companies offer services that include planning, inventory, marketing, and timber sale contracts for the sale of trees on the stump. This option may take months before the landowner is paid in full for the timber.
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With select logging, the timber is sold as a log pile instead of standing (on the stump). The logs are sold immediately after being cut. Low impact equipment is utilized where possible. This option puts money in the landowners pocket the quickest.
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The modern hunter and wildlife enthusiast has special needs for their propoerty that may not be recognized by institutional foresters. Wildlife management techniques can be utilized to improve the habitat for game and non-game species depending on the interests of the landowner and the variety of habitats on their land.
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At one time the state of Ohio was approximately 95% forested. It has been said that a squirrel could go from one corner of the state to the other without ever touching the ground.
Ohio hit the lowest total of forested land in 1940 when the percentage was only about 12%. Forest education and conservation movements have increased the total amount of forest acreage in Ohio to 33%.
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